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The whole-home solution for the technology services you rely on most, Internet and TV.

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NHTC and DISH are on a mission to bring customers the best value, service, and technology in TV and high-speed internet.

With a best-in-class combination of value, service, and technology, DISH and NHTC TV and Internet can empower you to have more efficient, easy, and enjoyable interactions with the technology you use most–wherever you call home.

With DISH TV and NHTC Internet, you can conveniently enhance your everyday interactions with your TV and Internet technology.

DISH packages start with over 190 live and local channels, the DISH Anywhere® 5-in-1 streaming app, an OnDemand library packed with over 80,000 titles, Pay-per-View events, and up to 2000 hours of DVR storage to record all of your favorite shows. Plus, with integrated access to top streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video on your internet-connected Hopper® DVR, you won’t have to switch inputs, remotes or devices, to find your favorite content. Now that’s what we call convenient.

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  • Three-Year TV Price Guarantee

  • Signal Reliability Money-Back Guarantee

  • Hopper® Duo Smart HD DVR
  • Voice Remote with Google Assistant
  • DISH Anywhere® 5-in-1 Streaming App
  • 190+ Live Channels and locals included

When it comes to TV, some cords are actually better left uncut.


Contrary to popular belief, cutting the cord and switching to streaming isn’t the best solution for many people. In fact, 88% of homes in rural areas with more than two TVs prefer the convenience and nationwide reliability of an all-in-one TV solution like DISH.

When you connect your DISH Hopper® DVR to your NHTC Internet, you’ll get a whole lot more than just best-in-class DVR technology. You’ll get your favorite channels, local channels, streaming service channels, 99% nationwide signal reliability2, voice technology powered by Google Assistant3, and access to DISH’s exclusive library of over 120K+ OnDemand titles–all in one award-winning home entertainment experience.5

1. Leichtman Research Group, Inc., December 2020; 2-5. See full disclosures here.

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