NHTC is reducing the rate for Gig internet effective November 2022.

We come to you at a time when the cost of essentially everything is rising whether it is building materials, utility bills, gas, food, or land taxes. Over the past three years, the NHTC staff and Board of Directors have striven to reduce costs and create better operational efficiencies. As you will recall in my last few annual reports, I have covered these examples. We are happy to announce that with our operational efficiencies, we are reducing our residential Gig rate to $69.99 and our business Gig rate to $79.99 effective November 1st. Current Gig customers will see a reduction on their November bill.

We have also reconfigured our bandwidth allocations to better meet your bandwidth demands as bandwidth consumption in the home is at an all-time high, whether it be those that are working from home, streaming cheaper TV offerings than traditional TV services or continuing your education over the web.

Recently we have partnered with DIRECTV to bring streaming video services over our 99.99% dependable network. We will help install and troubleshoot your DIRECTV streaming service when needed by the same friendly staff you know. This streaming service can be viewed through an app like any other streaming service or if you prefer you can choose a set-top-box for viewing as you have in the past. We are currently upgrading our network to bring about the fastest speeds available to the market today with the introduction of 2.5 Gigabit symmetrical speeds in November. With our upgraded plant we will be able to bring speeds of up to ten gigabit services over time as products become available in the market.

A fiber network is the best and most productive network in the world in regard to anything telecommunications. Some networks simply cannot handle the bandwidth they claim, that’s the reason they only advertise download speeds as they cannot offer symmetrical services and almost always limit bandwidth to a term agreement, only in return to charge you overages or additional fees for unlimited bandwidth.

At NHTC, we will never charge for additional bandwidth, it’s simply unlimited usage. We also commit ourselves in being there to repair your network when electronics get out of sync or are damaged by storms, that’s why we are including our maintenance plan with every service offering at no additional cost. We also continue to offer our average 2-hour response time for service issues that we know our customers have come to appreciate.

As a Cooperative, we are owned by our Incumbent members and giving back to our communities and taking care of you – is just what we do. NHTC will always continue to keep our network up to date with the latest advances in technology and rates that are lower or rival that of any major city in the US. This is our commitment to you!

Thank you for your continued business and support!

Daniel Martin, NHTC General Manager

Published On: October 5th, 2022 | Categories: News |