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New Hope, AL 35760-9758

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Staff Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone Number
General Manager Daniel Martin daniel.martin@nhtc.coop 256-723-8800
Manager Administrative Services Tammy Weeks tammy.weeks@nhtc.coop 256-723-2050
Network Manager Rusty Bright rusty.bright@nhtc.coop 256-723-2062
Central Office Manager Steve Campbell steven.campbell@nhtc.coop 256-723-8101
Plant Engineering Manager Dave Ramski dave.ramski@nhtc.coop 256-723-8866
Network Engineer Chris Ballard chris.ballard@nhtc.coop 256-723-3039
Manager Plant Operations Shawn Smith shawn.smith@nhtc.coop 256-723-2104
Manager Accounting/Billing Bobby Morrison bobby.morrison@nhtc.coop 256-723-3330
Marketing Manager Christy Nelson christy.nelson@nhtc.coop 256-723-8882
Supervisor Customer Service Kanita Medlen kanita.medlen@nhtc.coop 256-723-3033
GIS Mapping Coordinator/Engineering Asst. Ken Wood ken.wood@nhtc.coop 256-723-5914
GIS Coordinator Justin Clark justin.clark@nhtc.coop 256-723-8317
Quality Assurance Coordinator Paula Hendrix paula.hendrix@nhtc.coop 256-723-5804
Customer Service Specialist Rhonda Tart rhonda.tart@nhtc.coop 256-723-2732
Customer Service Representative Rebecca Hyde rebecca.hyde@nhtc.coop 256-723-8883
Customer Service Representative Ashley Gulley ashley.gulley@nhtc.coop 256-723-2008
Network Operations Center/Security Coordinator Bart Hopkins bart.hopkins@nhtc.coop 256-723-4219
Network Operations Center Technician Phillip Cooper phillip.cooper@nhtc.coop 256-723-4219
Network Operations Center Technician Cody Keller cody.keller@nhtc.coop 256-723-4219
Accounts Payable Amy Lipscomb amy.lipscomb@nhtc.coop 256-723-3100
Warehouse Attendant Chris Childress chris.childress@nhtc.coop 256-723-8404
Outside Plant Crew Leader Daniel Wallace    
Service Technician Rickey Lemons    
Service Technician Earl Burks    
Service Technician Darren Maples    
Service Technician John Whitaker    
Service Technician Joey Sutphin    
Service Technician Chris Phillips    
Service Technician Michael Brown    
Service Technician Hunter White    
Service Technician Charlie Lawler    
Service Technician TJ McDonald    
Service Technician Nick Morgan    
Service Technician Jason Davis    
Central Office Technician Mark Beem    
Central Office Technician Wesley Hohn    
Central Office Technician David Whitaker    
Construction Worker Hunter Darling