The way that we use Wi-Fi is evolving more rapidly. With more users, more devices, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, your Wi-Fi needs to be better than ever before: fast, reliable, and accessible from anywhere.

The problem is standard Wi-Fi sometimes falls short. Connectivity and performance do not always extend to every corner of your home. In fact, research shows that more than half of broadband households experience problems with Wi-Fi.

How can I enjoy a better Wi-Fi experience?

If you are frustrated by the Wi-Fi coverage in your home or business, there is an exciting new solution available: NHTC Whole-Home Wi-Fi. This new technology combines a Wi-Fi router with one or more satellites, which are small wireless devices you place in different rooms. These satellites communicate with the router and provide you with a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home or office, even in the backyard.

NHTC Whole-Home Wi-Fi covers your entire home in a seamless “mesh” of Wi-Fi giving you amazing speed and coverage and making those hard-to-reach areas a thing of the past. This “mesh” of Wi-Fi allows you to get the same great quality and speed wherever you go in your home or office, with no need to sign in on a separate network when you need to use them (unlike Wi-Fi extenders).

NHTC Whole-Home Wi-Fi costs only $5.99 per whole-home unit each month and, when combined with a GigaCenter Wi-Fi router, will provide full coverage for 99% of homes.

NHTC can also access your GigaCenter router remotely if there are any issues, then quickly identify and resolve your issues, so you only have minimal downtime – and usually with no need to send a technician to the premise.

If you are ready to enjoy the superior online experience and the other benefits that come with NHTC broadband and Wi-Fi, contact us at 256-723-4211 or visit We will set you up with everything you need to upgrade your current Wi-Fi network to a high performance Mesh Wi-Fi system, and provide you the support you need – so you can enjoy worry-free Wi-Fi that just works.

Published On: December 11th, 2020 | Categories: News |