Residential Bundles

Bundle your Internet and phone into one convenient package:

  • Up to 50M download and up to 50M upload (Internet)
  • NATIONconnect (unlimited local and long distance calling within the US)
  • 5 calling features of your choice

All of this for only $94* per month

Bundle your Internet, television and phone into one package:

  • up to 50M download and up to 50M upload (Internet)
  • Grand View TV Package with more than 200 channels, including more than 60 HD channels.** (click here to view current channel lineup)
  • NATIONconnect (unlimited local and long distance calling within the US)
  • 5 calling features of your choice

All of this for only $206* per month


†Internet speeds are best effort, up to stated speed. Actual speeds vary due to several factors including, but not limited to: capability of device(s) connected to the Internet, site traffic, site provider server limitations and network factors. For more information, please call 256-723-4211. Option availability may vary. Not all speeds are available in all areas.
* NHTC Residential Bundles are available to Residential customers only. All bundled services are subject to NHTC’s Customer Service Agreement, Accepable Use Policy, Fair Access Policy and the provisions of NHTC’s Price List (subject to the advertised discount). These can be found here. Basic Local Service rates do not include federal and state access charges, fees and taxes; they will be billed in addition to the package price. Unlimited long distance is for typical domestic voice use only. It does not include 900 calls, 800 services, Calling card calls, International calls, Directory Assistance, Operator Assistance, multi-line conference calls, chat services, or data services – standard rates apply for these services. Long distance is not intended for use to connect to Internet service providers, data providers, or information services. Commercial facsimile, auto-redialing, resale, telemarketing, and general business use are strictly prohibited. Should NHTC determine that usage is not consistent with typical residential voice usage, NHTC reserves the right to immediately suspend, restrict, bill excessive usage charges, or cancel your service without prior notice. Customers must subscribe to NHTC Long Distance. All rates are subject to change. NHTC reserves the right to eliminate NHTC Bundles at any time upon appropriate notice to all customers subscribing to these Bundles, consistent with the existing Alabama law and the rules and regulations of the Alabama Public Service Commission. Some areas may not yet be capable of receiving all services. Additional requirements and restrictions may apply.
**Number approximate – actual lineup may vary. Channel lineups are subject to change without notice.