Fiber optic internet is relatively new in the world of internet services. It involves carrying signals in a cable made of glass and plastic fibers, rather than traditional cable internet that uses copper wires. It is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners. Here are some advantages to consider if fiber is an option in your area.

Why Opt for Fiber Optic Internet?

1. Higher Speeds

Copper cables have limited bandwidth, since many were originally installed as phone lines. Fiber cables are able to handle significantly more traffic, so users can download content, stream videos, and browse the internet much faster using a fiber connection. This is especially useful for anyone who streams movies, makes video calls, or plays online games, since these activities use a significant amount of bandwidth.

2. More Reliable

Because copper cables can only handle a limited number of activities at once, providers tend to have trouble during peak use times. When everyone in an area is trying to stream movies or play video games at once, they often have to slow down speeds to handle the extra traffic.

This can interrupt the movie you’re watching or cause glitches in video conferences. Fiber connections have less downtime and don’t need to slow down speeds during peak times.

3. Increased Security

Copper wires are relatively easy for cybercriminals to tap into. They can monitor activity to steal identities or financial information. Fiber cables are more difficult to tap into because they send data through pulses of light rather than using cords. Even when these cables are compromised, light is emitted from them, making them easier to identify and repair to protect user security.


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