Voice Mail

To access your Voice Mail call: 256-723-6614
Simple – Convenient – Reliable. This is the message with New Hope Telephone’s voice mail system. You can easily set-up your mail box with convenient greeting options including your own personalized password and start receiving calls within minutes.

Main Menu:

2      Press 2: To send a message.

3      Press 3: To work with greeting.

4      Press 4: To change settings.

6      Press 6: To retrieve a deleted message.

7      Press 7: To exit and login as another subscriber.

0      Press 0: For more helpful tips.

Press  *: To exit the voice mail system.


To Change or Record Your Greeting:

1      Press 1: Set up personal greeting.

3      Press 3: To select a system generated greeting or change the name on the greeting.

5      Press 5: To work with the greeting callers hear when your line is busy.


To Change Your Mailbox Settings:

1      Press 1: To work with group list.

2      Press 2: For hands free and time saver options.

3      Press 3: For security options. (you can change or remove your PIN here. Your password will be a default code of “1234” until you change it.)

5      Press 5: For notification options.

6      Press 6: For additional settings.

9      Press 9: For live message screening settings.


Listen to Messages:

1      Press 1: Play or re-play message.

2      Press 2: Save message and go to next.

3      Press 3: Delete message and go to next.

4      Press 4: To reply to message.

5      Press 5: To copy message.

#      Press #: To save message as new.

$4/month or FREE when bundled