Speed Calling

The Speed Calling Service allows you to call frequently used or important numbers by dialing a one-digit or two-digit code. Speed Calling is available in either 8 or 30 code capacities.A Speed Calling code may contain up to 15 digits, thus permitting you to store both local and long distance phone numbers.

To add, change, or delete Speed Calling code:

  1. First select the Speed Calling code you wish to modify (make, delete, or change). The code list may contain code numbers from 2-9 and from 20-49.
  2. Now dial the access code for your list,*74 for code list from 2-9, or *75 for code list from 20-49. Immediately dial the code you have selected followed by the telephone number you have selected for the code to represent (do not pause during this step).

To place a call using Speed Calling code:

  1. Dial the code that you selected to represent the telephone number.
  2. Customers with touch tone service can save time in the code-dialing step by dialing the # symbol after they have dialed the code.

To replace a Speed Calling Code:

Dial the code and immediately dial the new telephone number that you would like to replace it with.

Note: Be certain you keep an up-to-date record of your speed calling codes and the phone numbers they represent.

$1/month or FREE when bundled