Internet (Fiber)

As a Gig-capable provider offering Internet speeds of up to 1000 Mbps*, NHTC has the speed you need. From watching a movie to uploading a photo album, NHTC’s broadband fits your lifestyle. Best of all, NHTC Broadband Internet usage is UNLIMITED!



  • Download speeds up to 25M*
  • Upload speeds up to 25M*
  • Up to 5 Email accounts
  • $50/mo**


  • Download speeds up to 50M*
  • Upload speeds up to 50M*
  • Up to 5 Email accounts
  • $70/mo**


  • Download speeds up to 100M*
  • Upload speeds up to 100M*
  • Up to 5 Email accounts
  • $90/mo**

1000/500M (1 Gig)*

  • Download speeds up to 1000M*
  • Upload speeds up to 500M*
  • Up to 5 Email accounts
  • $120/mo**



Want to block objectionable websites?
NHTC can block your account from accessing most objectionable material from the Internet with Server-Level Content Filtering for only $5 per month. Contact us today to sign up!


*Internet speeds are best effort, up to stated speed. Actual speeds vary due to several factors including, but not limited to: capability of device(s) connected to the Internet, site traffic, site provider server limitations and network factors. For more information, please call 256-723-4211. **Price does not include taxes or network connection charges.