CAREconnect is like having a trusted friend at home with you 24/7

Emergencies can happen anywhere in your home and even in the yard or driveway. CAREconnect provides peace of mind and confidence to senior citizens and their family members by enabling seniors to maintain their independence and continue with daily activities.

CAREconnect, our Personal Emergency Response Service (medical alert), connects you with the 24/7 UL Certified monitoring station, allowing you to communicate your emergency instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around the home to get help fast. All this with ONE BUTTON activation. Not only is the pendant water resistant – so it can be taken into the shower, but it also allows communication through the pendant via patented two-way voice communication.


Personal Emergency Response System Features

  • 24/7 UL certified monitoring
  • two-way communication via pendant
  • water-resistant pendant
  • pendant battery
  • voice-prompted system
  • standby emergency battery power
  • built-in line-seizure relay

CAREconnect makes the perfect addition to NHTC Security Solutions. Add CAREconnect to your home security package today for only $9.99 per month. Don’t have NHTC Security Solutions? Click here for more information.

If you prefer CAREconnect without the added benefit of NHTC Security Solutions, you can sign up for CAREconnect for only $24.99 per month.

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