PC Repair

You can trust the technicians at NHTC to diagnose your computer’s problem quickly and make any necessary repairs. All of the work is done at our business office in New Hope, so there’s no need to drive to a larger city for repair service.

We offer:

Diagnostics • Repairs • Protection • New PC Startup

Device configuration*** $15
Set up devices to use your NHTC wireless network to access the Internet.
PC Tune-up $15
Boost the speed and performance of your PC.
Software* $30
Install and test software to make sure it is in proper working order.
New computer start-up $40
Ensure all parts are intact, hardware operating properly and more.
RAM memory* $40
Install memory upgrade and test system for recognition.
Card/drive/modem* $50
Install new hardware and related drivers.
Diagnostic** $50
Find and repair any hardware failure or software-related issues.
Hard drive* $50
Install new hard drive. Does not include operating system or data migration.
PC setup* $50
Install security software and remove unwanted programs that slow PC.
Virus/spyware/adware removal* $50
Detect and remove unwanted viruses from Windows®Vista, Windows®XP or Windows®7.
Data transfer or data backup* $70
Transfer up to 10GB of files to another device provided by member.
Operating system $100
Install or upgrade version of operating system with your original CDs.
System restore* $100
Restore CDs must be provided or the restore data must be partitioned on the hard drive.
A certificate of authenticity must be provided to perform restore.*Does not include price of software and/or needed parts.
**$50 diagnostic fee is applied toward any repair work done at NHTC. No repair service is offered for Macs or other Apple products at this time.
*** Some exclusions may apply.
Pickup & delivery service available $75
Unable to bring your PC to NHTC’s business office for necessary repairs? NHTC will pick up and return your PC to your home or business. There is a $75 charge for PC pickup and delivery service. Call 256-723-4211.