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06/13/2018 – As you may have noticed, NHTC has been performing maintenance windows quite frequently as of late. We have been working to upgrade our network so that we can continue to support our current and future members’ broadband needs. The unfortunate aspect of these upgrades and maintenance windows is that they have been causing problems for some of our members.

We want our members to know that there will be other maintenance windows scheduled over the next few weeks as we continue to upgrade our network. Please understand that NHTC will work diligently to ensure that there is minimal impact to customers. However, we would like to ask that our members who are continuing to experience issues (especially after maintenance windows) to PLEASE contact our office so that we can address and correct these issues. If we are unaware that you are having issues, we cannot fix them for you. Our goal is to provide optimal service to our members.

We are not just another service provider. We are local, we are your friends and neighbors and you can rest assured that we want to offer the best service possible to all of our members.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and frustrations as of late and appreciate your continued support of NHTC.

If you are experiencing issues during normal business hours (Mon – Fri from 8-5), please call 256-723-4219 to report those issues. If you are experiencing issues outside of normal business hours, please call 256-723-8940.